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If I had a penny for every time a client has said, ‘I would like a nude bra, please’ I would be one very rich woman. As practical as nude, black and white are, I can’t help but wonder if this mind-set is something that’s been handed down to us by our mothers, handed down by their mothers, and so on…

If the last 18 months has taught us anything, however, it’s that change is inevitable. And with spring officially here, this is the perfect time to clear out the old and reach for a new bra – one with colour.

I remember a specific client who came in for a fitting not so long ago. Once I had her correct size, I proceeded to fit her in what I had in her size. One of the bras was white, but with a very colourful print, topped off with a bright pink lace. When she saw the bra, she almost gasped and said that there was no way she would ever wear it. Nonetheless, after some coaxing and telling her to trust me, we fitted it and, low and behold, it looked stunning and she bought it. Several months later, she returned for some swimwear. As she got undressed, she happened to be wearing the bright bra. I asked her about it and her response was: ‘It’s my favourite bra! I absolutely love wearing it and how it makes me feel.’ 

If the thought of wearing a bright-red bra gives you a mild panic attack, you could start small. This season we’re seeing colours like Cameo Rose or Vintage Blue, which are equally as practical as any nude or white bra. 

For those ready to dive straight in and embrace the vibrant world of the colour spectrum, oh my, the lingerie world is your oyster – from fiery reds to bold floral prints that you won’t want to hide under all your layers.   

As women, we get to have fun. We colour our hair, wear colourful accessories – from scarves, to bags, to shoes – we even enjoy nail art, so why not extend this playfulness to your underwear drawer? No one is going to see the dazzling ensemble you’re wearing under your clothes if you don’t want them to, but you’ll certainly feel like a goddess, and that’s all that matters.

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Celine Mainguy