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At Bravacious, we often say: ‘We don’t do granny bras – even our grannies don’t get granny bras.’ Rather, we’re about helping women discover a world of stunning lingerie they’ll want to show off…

As a teenager, I remember being one of the fortunate ones (although at the time I thought it was unfortunate) to be blessed with a large bosom. Every bra-shopping experience ended in tears and me not liking my boobs.

All of my friends were wearing these really fun, cute bras and I had to settle for nasty ‘over-the-shoulder boulder holders’ as we used to call them. My poor mother was so exasperated – we just couldn’t find lingerie that fitted and was actually pretty too.

At Bravacious, not only do we go out of our way to source outstanding quality bras, but our suppliers are D+ lingerie specialists that offer truly amazing, gorgeous bras, with some styles that go right up to a K cup.

Due to the lack of size options available in conventional stores, a common mistake ladies make is purchasing a bra that is too big in the back and way too small in the cup – resulting in a poor-fitting bra, lacking in support and comfort.

One style bra does not fit all body and breast shapes, so understanding your body and breast shape is already a step in the right direction. Each lady also prefers a certain shape from her bra.

This is where we come in, to guide you on styles that will work best for you.

If you love your assets and enjoy flaunting them, we can recommend the Chi Chi or Jasmine style. These styles give a fabulous forward shape that can be very slimming and give a really ‘wow’ cleavage. Jasmine goes up to a K cup and Chi Chi up to a HH cup. Or, if you are more on the conservative side, then you’ll probably enjoy the Tango Balconnet that provides a more rounded shape and also goes up to a K cup. All are available in the most exquisite fashion colours, as well as practical neutrals – black, nude, ivory and blush.

Don’t get stuck into thinking that if you’ve been blessed with voluptuous breasts, your choices will always be ill-fitting bras that you want to hide. We really do offer a fabulous choice of styles and colours for most body and breast shapes, and would love to help you discover a world of stunning lingerie, just perfect for you!

Give as a call today on 079 799 5838 to book a fitting or email for more information.

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Celine Mainguy