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Looking for a smooth look under your clothing that won’t draw any attention to your breasts? Then look no further as we unwrap what makes a bra a ‘t-shirt bra’ and help you find the best style for your needs.

Have you ever wondered what makes a bra a t-shirt bra? The biggest element of a t-shirt bra is that there are no seams on the cup, giving you a smooth, seam-free look under t-shirts or dresses.
Another surprising fact is that not all t-shirt bras are padded. T-shirt bras can come in moulded, non-padded as well as padded options, so the choices are really quite endless.
A big myth we would like to dispel is that ladies think t-shirt bras have to be boring and drab. While some styles can be a bit of a mood killer, there are also some really gorgeous styles that have either intricate lace or a pretty pattern on the fabric.

So what is your t-shirt bra style?

For ladies that just want a plain and simple, uncomplicated bra – one without any lace detailing on the side of the cup or on the cradle or backstrap – we recommend the Panache Porcelain Elan. This style comes in nude, white and black, and offers three different styles – from a plunge style, which is great for those tops or dresses that are cut slightly lower, as well as a balconette style for ladies wanting more coverage over the breast. Both these styles are padded and for ladies who are concerned about nipple stands, this is a fabulous option. The third style is non-padded and comes in black or nude. For some women, padded bras make them feel even larger than they already feel, so this non-padded option will be a great fit. All three styles offer swan hooks on the back of the shoulder straps, allowing you to wear it as a cross-over back and making it quite versatile.

If you are looking for a bra with a little bit of detail, then you could look at either the Ana Moulded or the Cari spacer moulded. Both these styles add a touch of femininity, with either some lace on the cradle or a beautiful print on the actual fabric of the cup. As these are moulded, they offer a breathable, lightweight spacer fabric that moulds with the breast shape and gives a more rounded shape.
If you’re the sort of lady that really wants to embrace being a woman, and enjoy all that that encompasses, including lace lingerie, then there are options like Radiance from the Panache collection. The non-padded cups offer a gorgeous flat lace that won’t shine through clothing. This style also has a J-hook option, making it very versatile.

If your school or work uniform is a white shirt or dress and you really don’t want to draw attention to your under-clothing, then depending on your skin tone, we suggest wearing either a nude t-shirt bra for fairer skins or a caramel/black option for darker skin tones.
As you can see, there really is a wide range of styles to choose from when it comes to t-shirt bras and we urge you to try styles you wouldn’t normally consider – you might be pleasantly surprised.

At Bravacious, we pride ourselves on taking the time to understand our ladies’ needs. Book your personalised fitting with us on 079 799 5838 and have fun (rather than stress) finding your perfect lingerie fit.