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For ages, I’d been quite happy to buy a bra once or twice a year from your average clothing store – guessing at my size by trying on a couple, before opting for the most comfortable fit. And I use the word ‘comfortable’ loosely here, as nothing would give me greater pleasure (or actual comfort), as taking off my bra at the end of the day. 

Over time, I’ve gone from not even needing to wear a bra on my wedding day almost 20 years ago, to requiring some serious support after becoming a mom and slowly losing my metabolism somewhere between the ages of 34 and 44!

What I have now is a rather ample chest that I hardly saw coming – one that was starting to look very sad and very heavy, no matter what bra I wore.

That was before I came to you for a fitting…

Not only was I off by a mile with the bra sizes I was buying, I was also misunderstanding the whole ‘fit’ altogether – what is actually meant to go where, how high or low your bra should sit and what to actually look for in a really good, supportive bra. I was even putting it on wrong!

I remember thinking, when I left your studio, that all women should be privy to this life-altering information – that we should be taught this stuff at school. I am totally convinced that 99.9% of women out there are wearing ill-fitting, unflattering and uncomfortable bras, every day of their lives.

Thanks to you, I now love wearing a bra. I bought several after that first fitting (including a miracle sports bra, which deserves its own ‘thank you’ letter entirely) and the purchase didn’t bankrupt me, like one would expect when crossing over from big-chain to boutique. If anything, I feel like I’ve made a really smart investment.

You definitely took my chest up a couple of notches – quite literally. I felt like I’d had both a breast lift and a breast reduction in the space of one afternoon!  

Never will I – ever – buy a bra from anyone or anywhere other than you again. I am converted. I am comfortable. I am confident.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!