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This May, Bravacious is celebrating 10 years of not only helping women find lingerie that fits and supports them, but also giving women their confidence back…

When I first started Bravacious, 10 years ago, I had no idea what a fulfilling career path this would turn out to be. The initial concept was to offer a service where ladies could get fitted into their correct size bra and choose from styles that were gorgeous and even sexy. But over the years I have learnt so much about myself, and also that a great-fitting bra offers so much more than support. I’ve enjoyed the privilege of witnessing transformations happen right in front of me – of seeing a lady’s posture and silhouette instantly improve, along with her whole demeanour and attitude towards her body.

When we look at social media and see all these ‘perfect’ size bodies, with ‘perfect’ boobs, it can be disheartening and even soul-destroying if our own bodies and breast shapes look nothing like it. Over and over again, women come into the Bravacious studio wearing lingerie that not only does nothing for their figure, but aren’t that pretty to look at either. I believe a big reason why ladies choose the most boring and unflattering lingerie is because they have lost hope – hope in finding underwear that is going to enhance their figures, hope in wearing lingerie that is supportive and comfortable, and hope that gorgeous lingerie is even an option for them.

At Bravacious, as you know, we offer a one-on-one, highly personalised service, where we really take the time to find styles that work best for our clients. I’ve had moments where I’ve brought out a style and it’s written all over the client’s face that she would never in a million years choose that had she been shopping alone, and I reassure her to trust me and let me fit it on. More often than not, that very style has her almost leaping for joy and squealing with excitement once fitted properly.

I’ve always had every one of my client’s best interests at heart, ensuring that not only does the style fit and work, but that she looks amazing too! This has been true, especially with swimwear. So many of my clients believe that their bodies are no longer worth ‘exposing’ – be it because of having children or their age, and so will only consider a full swimsuit. There is an absolute look of horror when I bring in a bikini in their size, but again, I encourage them to trust me and see how it fits. To everyone’s delight, the bikini is more often such a stunning fit that the full piece is soon forgotten about.

I am truly grateful for the work I get to do. What started out as a bra-fitting service, has grown into an opportunity to see women become more confident versions of themselves; of seeing them transformed in an instant and realising that there’s nothing wrong with their bodies. All they needed was an expert to guide them in this transformational direction – and who wouldn’t want to do that for a living?

Here’s to the next 10 years of Bravacious magic…

With love and thanks,