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Just like a good fitting bra can make you feel much better about life, the right fit and style of swimsuit will also give you that confidence boost you need to strut your stuff poolside. So what does a good fitting swimming costume look like? Let’s take a look…

Many of us can relate to being stuck under a beach umbrella, missing out on all the fun because we don’t feel comfortable in our swimwear. From feeling like your breasts are not being supported, to not having enough ‘coverage’ and boobs popping out everywhere, very few women feel confident in a costume. One of the biggest reasons for this is that ladies are just not wearing their correct size.

To start off with, ditch the idea of shopping for a small / medium / large bikini – you want your boobs properly supported. To achieve this, you need to shop for swimwear that is sold in bra sizes – 32D/34DD and so on. Begin with your back size – remember, your support comes from your back support and not the shoulder straps, that’s why once you’ve been fitted in the right size, you can even wear a bandeau bikini without the straps. Don’t be shy to go bigger in the cups. We tend to get hung up on sizing, but if your cup is too small, your boobs will definitely pop out at the top and on the sides.

Deciding on a style can also be a little overwhelming with so many choices out there, from bikinis and tankinis to full swimsuits. We find tankinis to be quite popular with ladies who don’t want to move into a full piece. A tankini is a two-piece that covers the belly, almost like a t-shirt. There are different styles of tankinis; some will come with a built-in bra, while others you will need to purchase a swim bra to wear underneath.

Generally, when it comes to swimwear, ladies want to cover as much as possible but that might not always be the best option for your body shape. Remember, once you’re in the right size bikini, your breasts will sit where they are supposed to and not droop; and when they are supported, it immediately gives you a slender shape and instant waist. Also, sometimes wearing a two-piece is far more flattering than a one piece because there’s less fabric, so the illusion can be a slender body shape.

At Bravacious, we can certainly assist you with finding a swimsuit that will work best with your body and breast shape – so you can feel comfortable and confident enough to come out from under that umbrella, once and for all! 

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