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For many women, lingerie shopping – especially trying to find a bra that is not only a good fit, but that also offers support and fits comfortably – is nothing short of a nightmare. At Bravacious, we pride ourselves on making your bra-fitting experience one to remember, for all the right reasons…

So what exactly can you expect when you come to us for a fitting? To begin with, you’ll get our undivided attention as we’re an appointment-based service. We start with an assessment of the current bra you’re wearing, taking you through several ‘checkpoints’ to be aware of.

From there, we’ll try on various sizes until we have the right fit for you. We carry over 110 sizes, so we’re certain to find one that ticks all the boxes. Important to note is that we never use a tape measure as part of our fitting process – volume, shape and spacing cannot be measured, hence the reason why we fit and don’t measure you.

Once we have the correct size, the interesting part begins… We take you through what to look for in a good-fitting bra, covering everything from the back strap, the shoulder straps, your underwire and where it should sit, as well as the cup.

Our clients find this part of the fitting incredibly helpful and insightful, as most have never been through such a thorough experience. With this information in hand, we then consider styles that best suit your body and breast shape, because what feels comfortable for one may not always be the best fit for another.
We normally schedule an hour for the first consultation, which you make think is a long time, but it’s definitely time well spent. There is so much information to share and, for most, this is the first time they not only have a bra fitting the way it should, they also suddenly have a choice of beautiful underwear to choose from.

If you’re tired of having a painfully plain selection of ‘granny-style’ bras to choose from, or you wish you could find a place where the sales-lady not only understands your struggle with finding good-fitting underwear, but is also knowledgeable, caring and compassionate, then Bravacious is the place for you. After all, every woman, no matter her age or size, deserves to feel gorgeous in her underwear.