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One of the best gifts a mother can give her daughter is the knowledge of what to look for in a good-fitting bra. But when should you take your daughter first-bra shopping? Where do you start? What size do you even begin with? Fortunately, there are experts in this area that can guide you. 

A good time to introduce her to the crop-top bra, also known as a training bra, is when your daughter starts to develop and her tops or dresses start to show signs that her body is changing. These offer nominal support, but will give extra coverage. Don’t be surprised if she asks for something with padding – she’s shy and possibly even embarrassed by her changing body and might want to make this less obvious by wearing something that will provide more coverage.  Training bras also offer an opportunity for her to start getting used to having to wear a bra at a later stage.

As her body changes and she heads into puberty, depending on her breast size, only then will you want to look at getting a bra with wires.  A wired bra is great for providing good shape, so if your daughter’s breasts haven’t developed much since she started wearing a training bra, don’t be too hasty to buy her a wired bra. Rather look at wire-free options in the interim.

Finding the correct size can also be challenging. As training bras provide minimal support, finding the correct size isn’t paramount. Once she starts to wear wired bras, that’s when we recommend seeking the advice of experts who have experience in this field and will be able to guide her in what to look for when shopping for bras and the importance of wearing a bra that is correctly fitted. Purchasing the incorrect bra size – where the bra is uncomfortable and under-wires are poking at her – may cause her to develop a love/hate relationship with her bra, which is not a good starting point if you’re going to be wearing bras for a long time to come.

At Bravacious we pride ourselves in offering not only the necessary information to equip women in what to look for in a good-fitting bra, but we also create an environment that puts young ladies at ease and that actually makes bra shopping fun – not something to be embarrassed or shy about. We recommend booking a consultation to help ensure a comfortable and memorable bonding experience for you both.